5CORE joins Secutech 2018 as the top Public Address Equipment manufacturer

5CORE stand (D- 7 Hall No 1) at «Secutech 2018» exhibited from 5th to 7th of April in Mumbai was the major center of attraction at the event.
Secutech is the major event for Safety and Security Industry in India. At the exhibition, 5CORE was the top Public Address Equipment supplier and manufacturer for Safety and security industry in India.

In video: Walk-through video of 5CORE stall at Secutech 2018

5CORE® investors meet in Rajkot

5CORE® is going to be the first public Addressing Equipment Manufacturing company to be listed in India. Recently an Investors meet of 5CORE® investors was organized by SARTHI GROUP in Rajkot.

investors meet in Rajkot

investors meet in Rajkot

5CORE® investors meet at India Habitat Center, New Delhi

5CORE® investors meet at India Habitat Center, New Delhi. This meet was one of the many is the series of investors meet all across India. 5CORE® is going to be the first public Addressing Equipment Manufacturing company to be listed in India.

5CORE® investors meet in India Habitat Center,

5CORE® investors meet at Hotel Radisson Blu in Ahmedabad

Our CEO Mr Amarjit Singh Kalra addressing a group of 5CORE® investors at Hotel Radisson Blu in Ahmedabad. 5CORE® is going to be the first public Addressing Equipment Manufacturing company to be listed in India.IPO Hotel Radisson Blu in Ahmedabad.

Five Core Brand wins the Most Impactful Power Brand 2018


Power brand award 2018

5CORE wins Power brand award 2018

Five Core Brand receiving the Award for The Most Impactful Power Brand 2018 given by the hands of most Elite and Successful personalities of the country i.e. Arindam Chaudhuri and Kay Kay Menon during the Power Brands Awards 2018 held in Mumbai on 5 March 2018.


Installation at Gurudwara Dera Santpura

Good acoustics is one of the most important aspects of a worship space. Sound system installation for a worship space depends upon how space is used and on the music and worship style. The same sound solution can’t work for all spaces. Fortunately, 5CORE engineers through their commitment and knowledge of sound technology have been successful to make good speech intelligibility a reality in even the most challenging environments.

We have just completed one more worship place installation at Gurudwara Dera Santpura in Tilak Nagar, NewDelhi.

Not to mention We have a long History of the successful installation at Gurudwaras

Shri Harmandir Sahib – Amritsar
Rakabganj Gurudwara
Bangla sahib Gurudwara
Gurudwara Dumduma Sahib
Gurudwara Data Bandi Chod – Gwalior
Gurudwara Khadur Sahib – Tarn Taran
Baba Bhudha Sahib Gurudwara – Subhash Nagar
Gurudwara Sis Ganj Sahib
Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha – Bali nagar
Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh sabha – Jeevan Park
Gurudwara Shri Guru Singh Sabha – Ravi Nagar
Gurudwara Shri makhan shah Lubana – Vishnu Garden
Gurudwara Dera Santpura
Gurudwara Mai Bhago
Gurudwara Shri Sadh Sangat – arjun nagar



5CORE completes Installation at one triumph Bike Showroom

Sound system installation at showroom

Sound system installation at one triumph showroom

Over the last decade, 5CORE® has specialized in the sound system installation for the showrooms seeking the best Sound Quality and a “No Compromise Installation”. Be it a Mall, Recording studio, Office building, Gym, Pub, Restaurant, Classroom, Conference room or Auditorium.

Last week Five Core Electronics Successfully installed our Showroom Sound Solution at OneTriumph showroom in Kailash Colony, New Delhi.

5CORE® WALL SPEAKERS and AMPLIFIERS are the top choice of Architects and Builders. Our Full range wall speakers made of ABS plastic are the industry standard. The unique curved design of the 5CORE WALL SPEAKER – CORNER and rotatable clamps makes it easy to mount in a corner and effortlessly install it.
for more info visit- https://www.5core.com/plastic-wall-speakers?product_id=501

5CORE electronics wins “Electronics business of the Year” 2018

5CORE electronics wins “Electronics business of the Year” in Small business Awards 2018 organized by Franchise India at JW Marriott New Delhi. Small Business Award is considered one of the most prestigious awards for SMEs, SMB in India. #5CORE is considered one of the top PA systems manufacturer and exporter in India. For more info visit

Solution to your every AUDIO need – 5 CORE Sound System – 5C PDJ 2008 BT!

Have you been looking for an all-in-one, compact, portable, and wireless sound system? Are you tired of escaping to your camping zones without a musical retreat? Did you plan a party and have no clue how to entertain the invitees? Then, there is something you need to know about.

5 CORE’s best-selling sound system- 5C PDJ 2008 BT- is the next best thing in the market. It is the solution to your every audio need. Its trolley-packed compact size, wireless hassle-free operation, rechargeability convenience makes it everything you need to enjoy your time.

Why 5C PDJ 2008 BT is everything you are looking for?

Go gaga over BLUETOOTH Connectivity & more– 5 CORE’s incredible sound system – 5C PDJ 2008 BT comes with features such as Bluetooth, USB, Aux, TF card, and FM. So don’t feel like connecting a pen drive or an auxiliary cable, just switch on to Bluetooth mode and play what you like!

Don’t carry; Just pull it with a trolley! – This Sound System has what most good sound system might lack. A trolley for your convenience, after all, good music, should not be restricted to indoors. Get in the car; just take it along for camping or outdoor parties.

Recharge, play & don’t worry about finding a socket everywhere! – Whether you plan to listen to music as you relish on evening tea in the garden or plan a birthday party outdoor, its rechargeability function adds up to great comfort.

Operate it from a distance – Well, like most advanced technologies, this does come with a remote. Operate it while you lay in your armchair sipping into the delight of music.


Proud Moment for 5 CORE – Completing 33 years of its foundation!

Celebrating the world-established stature and success, 5 CORE completes 33 years to its foundation on 26th March 2017. Reminiscing what had been accomplished in the long tenure of more than three decades, 5 CORE has earned more than just wealth. It has not just attained internationally-acclaimed cognizance but has managed to treasure a great number of dealers, distributors, and patrons in its 5 CORE club.

Inspiring numerous people around the globe with its qualitative service, 5 CORE has made an ever-lasting impression in the entertainment industry. It has installed several renowned brands and companies with its audio equipment and has equipped them with finest of musical surroundings.

From a small-time dealer of electronics goods in Kolkata to a well-known entrepreneur, more precisely, manufacturer & exporter of electronics, this voyage hauled to its present status because of incessant hard work, fearsome ardor, and praiseworthy endurance of 5 CORE.

Mr. Amarjit Singh Kalra evolved the foundation of business laid by Mr. Surinder Singh Kalra (his father), splendidly. Mr. & Mrs. Kalra, conquering the world market with their positivity aims to bring about change with high-end acoustics.