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India’s Top Microphone Stands Manufacturers


5CORE introduces high-quality Microphone Stands with chrome polish and powder coating. Check out its exquisite features below!


Heavy-duty iron pipes

Upper pipe length – 75cm

Total height of the stand – 145cm (Extendable up to 150cm)

Superior quality Chrome Coating and Powder Coating

Rust-resistant which ensures durability

Die Casted Piece for proper alignment of pipes.

Solid base with rugged & durable foot pad

Three-legged structure for proper balancing & quick operation

  • Portability is a plus point

Equipped with rigid clamping system

A jack (provided for extra safety) which securely positions the elevated equipment

Application/Targeted Customer:

  • Political Rallies, Malls,
  • Entertainment Shows,
  • Schools and Colleges fest, Live stage shows
  • Exhibitions, Seminars
  • Conference Room, Auditoriums,
  • Other Indoor and Outdoor Performances, etc.
  • Get a bag for free when you buy two Microphone Stands



India’s Best Golden Speakers Manufacturers

India’s Best Golden Speakers Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers




5 CORE introduces 8”90mm GOLDEN Chassis Woofer which has an attractive appearance and captivating features mentioned right below:




Specially designed PP cone with rubber parry for bass effect.

Pre-treated zinc coated Speaker Frame which gives frame a finest golden look.

Low carbon forged Iron T-yoke and washers with approved Y-30 Ferrite Magnet for better enforcement.

Latest Technology used for charging of magnet.

Superior-quality tensile copper wire for a smooth connection with Speaker tag

Voice coil with high-quality precision Copper wires & Aluminum heat sink.


  • High power handling capacity
  • Kapton paper heat sinks for proper heat dissipation and voltage Sustain Ability.

Best quality Lead-free solder used for strong connection between Coil wire, Tag, and Copper tensile wire.

High flexibility Spider/Damper used for accurate cone movement

The high-grade adhesive is used in an assembly of Speaker for strong bonding between all parts of it.

Application/Targeted Customer:

Use in Electronics Products like Home Theaters, Wooden Speakers, Plastic Columns, Bass Tubes for Auto, Buses and E-rickshaw.

Golden Speakers






India’s Fastest Growing Company – 5 CORE


In recent years, India’s Electronic Industry has touched a peak where the market of electronics and electrical gadgets, PA equipment, audio to video products has accumulated an unmatchable demand. While there are variable options available at disposal, there are very few choices that are user-satisfied. 5 CORE is one such as India’s fastest growing company that not only caters to the needs of “techno freaks” who would not fall for products easily but also to the users who simply look for user-friendly equipment.

5 CORE is a manufacturer and exporter of electronic gadgets which directly address to the public demand. The fundamental element that lies in impressing its audience is the quality-proven products and the worldwide market that 5 CORE has generated since its inception as merely an electronics dealer. It grew to become a renowned manufacturer of electronics to almost 55 countries in 5 Continents with a motive to expand it further to the rest of the world.

5 CORE’s main area of market is in three segments:

Public Address Equipment: 5 CORE has been manufacturing commendable Public Address (PA) equipment which gratifies the needs of the user as well as controller. PA systems majorly include Microphones, Loudspeakers and Amplifiers that are used to address public by an individual or a group/institution. For Example, Public Address Equipment used in MahaKumbh Mela, Ujjain 2016 is provided by 5 CORE solely.

Home Theatre Systems & Computer Speakers: 5 CORE imbibes the latest technology in its Home Theatre Systems & Computer Speakers. Home Theatre Systems & Computer Speakers are amongst the basic requirements of public. These are required to enhance user-experience. While 5 CORE includes quality in serving its customers, it enables the users to find quality at an affordable rate.

Car Music Systems: 5 CORE provides the best car music systems across the globe. Music Systems are essential to any automobile. Car manufacturers are providing their customers with high-performance pre-installed music systems in their cars such as stereo systems, woofers, speakers and amplifiers. 5 CORE is amongst the finest brand to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Thus, 5 CORE in its business span of 31 years from its inception has accumulated exceptional growth and revenue that register it in the list of India’s fastest growing companies. It has been serving market at creditable rate and has been able to expand its business all over the world. It is one of the largest contributors in expanding India’s economy worldwide. It reinforces the “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative by Indian Government to encourage manufacture and export of domestic products throughout the world.


5C Plastic Active Column: Need of today’s world

5C Plastic Active Column

In today’s world, we often look for resources to save our time in no matter what we do. As we attempt at beating this with the help of technology, we often end up purchasing one gadget that serves not all but, at least, one purpose.
While we all want to procure an electronic product that caters to our every need, it is quite impossible to design one. Yet, 5 Core with its qualified team of engineers has come up with a high-end active column that serves all the purposes at once. Along with an attached LCD Display, 5C Plastic Active Column has all the desirable functions that you as a user would want it to have. It is meant for users seeking advanced technology in electronic gadgets. It is fully functioned by a remote which could be used to work while using USB, SD CARD, Bluetooth as well as AUX input functions. Also, it is equipped with 2 wireless microphones which would still work if you roam around within a radius of 50m.
5C Plastic Active Column Speaker is a gadget that enhances a user’s experience by giving them a sense of gratification as well. If you are planning to throw a party as DJ or run a Gym, this amplifier could give your audience a satisfied experience. Whether you are an event manager or setting up a conference room, this product fulfills every requirement to lure your audience. This product could further be used to enlighten discotheques, malls, exhibitions, auditoriums among a lot other.
With aforesaid things, it is quite evident to praise the noteworthy features and multi-functional properties of the product. 5 Core manufactures the product with the help of the proficient engineers and their esteemed knowledge. 5 Core has been serving the international market within a set of principles.
Quality comes first: 5 Core has been serving its customers with top-notch products made in consideration of users’ standard of living. Tested & Proven Products: 5 Core has been manufacturing products only after a certification is provided by a team of qualified engineers.
Durability: The products are out in the market after supervision has been done and each product is passed through an eight-hour SOAK Test to check its maximum load for durability.
Thus, be that as it may but this active column fulfills all the necessary requirements of an individual. While it implicates enticing features, a quality and reasonability are earmarked as first priority.





If you already own a home theater system, you probably know the difference between the sound quality of your theater system and that of your TV box. Home theater systems are crucial for enhancing your watching experience. Although you have a high-definition television, the sound clarity is always hazy without a high-quality speaker system. This is where we enter. 5 CORE is a manufacturer and exporter of numerous high-performance audio systems which brings you the best collection of Home Theater Speaker System.

What should you opt?

Reasonable Powered subwoofers – Along with reasonable prices for Home Theater Systems, we furnish a space for total performance management in your hands by giving you a high-quality subwoofer.

Top-notch technology- We imbibe top-notch technology in our products. We are equipped with the resources to not just manufacture but also export the cogent electronic products worldwide. Our Home Theater Speaker Systems also exemplify our technological advancement.

Vast Collection of Best Home Theatre Speaker Systems

Every house has a need for different home theater system. We understand your requirements and cater as per your needs. Not all the houses can get a centralized Home Theatre Systems; some might want Front Leg and Right Speaker experience. We offer all types of Speaker Systems at its best.

Center Speaker System – Centralized home theater speakers would keep intact the sound to the on-screen action taking place in your TV box. We provide center speaker system of the latest technology.

Surround Speaker System – Our top-notch technology has the best surround speaker system for your house. While it tricks you to believe that sound is coming from all the direction, you could simply trick others.

Front and Rear Speakers – 5 core electronics offers the best front and rear speakers that enable you to have a great movie-watching experience at home. It provides the right blend of visual effects and sounds through its dual speaker mode.

Opt for 5 CORE’S World Best Home Theatre Speaker Systems

5 CORE introduced multi core soldering wire of Japanese technology in India which is world-known for its use in electronic inventions. We bring in the technological advancement of Japan and have been successfully manufacturing and exporting our products to more than 55 countries at present. In this competitive world, our Home Theatre Speaker System have been remarkably praised and purchased by the topmost all over the world.

Thus, 5 CORE offers the opportunity to be an audio franchise/distributor of our company where the list of audio equipment by us exceeds you to a profitable business.