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Indian DJ Expo 2016, Pragati Maidan, New Delhi

Indian DJ Expo is a trade show arranged every year for the well-acclaimed and highly-successful entrepreneurs of Entertainment Musical Industry. The Indian DJ Expo organized by Beetroots Expo and Publications aims to accumulate the best like-minded entrepreneurs from Musical Instruments industry in the trade show. It is a mutual gathering of brand representatives and end-users that allow them to have a space for interaction along with working together with their likable personalities.

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The Indian DJ Expo will be held at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi on June 30th to 2nd July. 5 CORE, the largest manufacturer, and exporter of PA Equipment are displaying PA Equipment and Systems, Wireless Microphones and Conference Systems, DJ Series, Home Theatre Systems and Multimedia Systems, Car Speakers, and Bass tubes, Amplifiers among a lot of others at Hall No. 7 Booth No. B22-30.
Last year, 5 CORE was one among the all who partook in this mutual collaboration of like-minded people. Not just all of 5 CORE’s displayed products were tremendously praised but three of 5 CORE’s products gathered as much attention of the visitors as a showstopper. Our esteemed product 24carat gold-plated Microphone Stand engraved with carving installed at GOLDEN TEMPLE, AMRITSAR, WIRELESS AMPLIFIER – 5C PDJ TFT 23 and WIRELESS AMPLIFIER-5C PDJ 4X12 were few highlights of our stall at the Indian DJ EXPO 2015.

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5 CORE was one of the few who acclaimed great fame at Indian Expo on its very first participation in the event. We have placed a stall even this year in order to serve the masses all across the world, with innovative and qualitative acoustic equipment & systems. To share our vision of developing systems that record & reproduce The Enigma of Sound in its original & true flavor.


International Yoga Day – 21st June 2016

With 2nd International Yoga Day around the corner, the self-evident importance of the Yoga is felt in the news. Although Yoga as an art has been taking its stance over hearts quite enormously past few decades, yet the Indian Prime Minister’s Speech at UNGA sent the fervor off its limit. 21st June now known as International Yoga Day, has got enough limelight around the world so as to be propagated as the healthiest and most important thing of humans life.
Being the longest day of the year in Northern Hemisphere and important to many parts of the world, this day has become a synonym to health, serendipity and rejoice. On this day, let’s take a pledge to adopt healthy lifestyle for life. Keeping ourselves determined, we can acquire long term happiness just by accustoming to a hale and hearty habit.
To participate and contribute a self in this fervor, Known figures such as, Ramdev Baba, Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India, are leading as many as 32,000 of the Yoga Lovers at several places including Chandigarh, Jaipur and Delhi. This initiative demands each citizen to tread towards fitness regime.
While people across the globe celebrate health with the help of Yoga, we at 5 CORE have designed Amplifiers specially meant for Yoga events. The bulky events where someone needs a Yoga master to address the people, the seekers, this 5CORE’s Yoga Master, 116 HS Amplifier and 5C PDJ 2008 are two spectrums apt for addressing people at public places. 5 CORE amplifiers provide great public addressing to the users, while they are easily portable and wireless in function, they deliver an excellent sound coverage.

Why Choose Bluetooth Speakers for your Personal Computer?

In today’s world, technology has gone beyond the limits of last few generations. With engrossing advancement that the technology has assimilated, it is quite complementary to have such pocket-sized, user-friendly Bluetooth Speakers with tantalizing appearance juxtaposing the additional features few of them carry such as USB, wide reception area among other.
Multimedia speakers are crucial and play a pivotal role in your life. They provide you the luxury to use them with multiple devices. But while you place a wired speaker with your personal computer, you hardly unplug them until they are broken. This is where Bluetooth Speakers comes handy. Bluetooth Speakers are portable, easy to handle multimedia speakers that could be utilized not just with your computer but also with other Bluetooth-enabled devices.
Bluetooth Speakers are easily accessed from a certain distance letting you no longer worry about the tangled wires. While you could easily connect these speakers from a variable distance, you could enjoy the liberty to walk with them in your pocket.
There are Bluetooth Speakers that comes with a chargeable battery qualifying them for an easy carry on a trip. These wireless speakers render high-usage output than a wired speaker because of its compatibility with many devices.
Therefore, this impressive audio gadget kills boredom wherever you are; just slide them in your bag and enjoy the ride. Finding solace is no longer a strenuous task when you quickly get musical with Bluetooth Speakers!



What you look in a PA Equipment?

When shopping for an electrical product, what do you mostly look for in PA equipment? While I look for the features, you might not look the same. Your priority might lie across its price that needs to fit into your pockets. There are different choices opted by different kinds of people. How exactly you define your limits is what I am going to bring to the front. Let me discuss various kinds of things that you might look into the product whether it is car stereo systems, home theaters, public address system and a lot of others.
Features are a treasure- You’re a gold digger – Features convey the compatibility of a product. If I were to buy an active amplifier, I would look for a Bluetooth-connectivity, bass and treble control function, recording, and other user-friendly, easy to adapt features for that matter.
If you like a techie jargon – If you are a techno-freak, you would want to know the sensitivity, frequency response, power output or impedance before anything else. If the product includes the required technical specifications, you would hardly think twice before buying the product especially if you are in business.
Benefits – most influential – The most influential factor for a common man in buying a product is to opt a product if there lay benefits at an affordable price. These benefits would be easy to use, safety as well as affordable.
If you’re a perfectionist – looking for all of the above factors – There might be a possibility that you are looking for a product to be intact and composed. This might be the case of an entrepreneur who would think multiple times before investing in a product.
Thus, no matter how you define your limits while purchasing a product, there has to be a limit within which you process your dealings and make decisions. If you haven’t yet decided your limits, this article might help you figure one.