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Ambience at Café Bethak, Hudson Lane

WhatsApp-Image-20160726Café Bethak is offering much more than Coffee. If you look forward to having an eclectic selection of food soaked in Music and peace, find your way in Hudson Lane. The Ambience of café went sparkling when 5 CORE empowered this newly built café with its fine range of PA & DJ Equipment. Adding just a smidge of music to the surroundings has given this recently opened place a wobbling effect.

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How we lent a hand:

An exquisitely designed Single 15” Wooden Column installed to disperse the harmonious rhythm into your surroundings

A powerful Single 18” Base to effectively groove you to the beats!

Power Amp, Power Mixer and 100 Watt Bluetooth Amp to boost your experience while you enjoy the best food.


The carefully chosen products from the wide assortment of 5CORE’s knapsack have successfully revamped the beauty of the place. Now enjoy your food with soothing music!



New Distributor On board in Raipur, Chhattisgarh

Adding a feather in its cap, 5 CORE is pleased to announce Leela Sound as its new distributor in Raipur, Chhattisgarh.

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Welcoming Mr. Bhagwandas Dingwani to the 5CORE club!

Latest AV trends in setting up the twenty-first-century classroom

Twenty-first-century classrooms have moderated their approach towards imparting knowledge to their students. Nowadays, educational institutions are implementing active learning tactics for the benefits and betterment of their students. While an active learning environment enhances the overall experience of the students, it simultaneously lessens boredom. To effectively implement the outlook towards studies, institutions have chosen Audio Visual systems for better envisioning and explaining the ideologies.shutterstock_176222933f

Screening Sessions: While a basic lecture would impart theoretical knowledge, recent lectures are often accompanied by the screening of documentaries, web lectures, movies based on the theories taught in classes. The display of concepts helps the student individually to analyze the concept with in-depth knowledge and supportive explanations through screening sessions.

Interactive Sessions: Interactive sessions are a crucial part of a twenty-first-century classroom. The rooms are empowered with high-tech sound systems in order to make a lesson more interactive. Not only the display screens are crucial for active learning, but proper sound dispersion is also required to understand the pictorial representation reflected on the projectors.


Conferencing Sessions: The conference solutions are one of the highly-scalable trends in terms of knowledge sharing that enables interactions with not just guest lecturers but also across the world through web conferencing. The Conferencing solutions mostly opt for an interactive session with renowned experts across the world.

Thus, latest AV trends in setting up the twenty-first-century classroom have revolutionized the way the entire education system used to work. The input that used to be much bigger than the output has become less stringent than before. By imparting knowledge through Audio-visual techniques, the output is well-appreciated as this makes study less boring and students more engaging.


Grand Opening of Showroom at Saharanpur

5 CORE is all set to inaugurate another showroom at Saharanpur on 14th July 2016. Soaring high in our expansion, we are delighted to announce the Grand Opening of Showroom to cater all the needs of our clients within their reach of area. Now find our repertoire of PA Equipment and systems at yet another exclusive showroom.


5 CORE invites you to this joyous moment in all its high spirits!



Sagatours 2 – Exhibition at Madagascar

5 CORE announced yet another Exhibition in Madagascar on 7th July 2016. Organized by Ambassador of Madagascar, this trade event from 7th July to 10th July 2016 invited renowned manufacturers and exporters of PA Equipment as its exhibitors. 5 CORE being one of the biggest exporters of PA equipment displayed its wide repertoire of PA Equipment and systems, Car Audio Series, Home Theater Series, DJ Series, Speakers among others.

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With an agenda to vibrate the world with its presence, 5 CORE has been successfully contributing its valuable knowledge to the world. What launched itself in India 32 years ago has moved across the world today, and is further going at full speed wobbling the Audio Visual Industry more than ever.