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5CORE Shines In TOI

A proud moment for 5 CORE as it shines in Times of India as one of the largest supporters of manufacturing and exporting the standard-quality Indian PA Equipment worldwide under the Make In India initiative.
The aim to procure a platform for Indian Brands in international markets and to let India stand as a self-reliant in terms of resources, be it products or labor.
A stand that by manufacturing electronic items in India, we would generate employment taking the ‘Skill India’ initiative further by utilizing the potentiality and good labor within our country and reducing the cost of hired labor from the international market.

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Installations at Cinema Houses

Ever wondered how important those few minutes waiting in the vestibule before the movie starts become? Well, we think so, thus while you wait for the butter to melt through your popcorn, Cine Tech Engineering Works in association with 5 CORE has installed a series of 5 CORE’s PA equipment at cafeteria of the Cinema Hall to make it all worthwhile.

Installation at Sky Mall of Sky Infratech Pvt. Ltd., Malout, Bhatinda Road, Punjab

250Watt Bluetooth Amplifiers
A series of CL-6.5-08 Ceiling speakers

Installation at Kay Pride Cinemas at Kay Pride Mall, Kotdwar
5C CIM 02
Two Counter Interaction Microphones for box office area because getting along the queue, buying the tickets with ease is your right.
A series of CL-05-11(Small) and CL-05-02 Ceiling Speakers
250 Watt Bluetooth Amplifier for the complete cafeteria


It’s all about mixing it right!

Music is a part of our day-to-day lifestyle, and if you are a professional of that field, you better deal with it day and night. DJ mixing is as difficult as it seems but if you have 5 CORE products in your hand, you might just find your way into it. 5 CORE presents incredible series of DJ Mixers with dual-channel operation rendering undisputed entertainment to its users.
Let your hand loose on this 5 CORE’s fascinating Mixing widget DJMX-900 giving yourself a self-deserved space for intuitive operation with multiple features for Pro experience.
Bluetooth-enabled dual-channeled DJ-mixer DJMX-1100 with built-in digital effects and competent to use features, smooth and flexible channel faders alongside two turntables for each channel. Now mixing music is a matter of hand!
DJM-1400 Plus
Our Single-Channeled Mp3 DJ Mixer with built-in digital effects. Now develop your own kind of music and rhythm with 5 CORE’s DJMX- 1400 Plus.

Light, Sound, DJ (P&B), 16th August, Jalandhar

Adding another deal to the ever-growing list of acquisitions, 5 CORE is proud to participate in Light, Sound, DJ (P&B), Punjab’s first ever exhibition in entertainment industry where 5 CORE’s very own MD/CEO Mr. Amarjit Singh Kalra would appear as chief guest with ‘The Great Khali’ as special appearance. This diary release function will take place on 16th August 2016 from 10 am to 10 pm at Hollyhock Garden, Jalandhar.
Punjab Expo 2016 is produced and successfully executed with the support of like-minded entrepreneurs who belongs to the entertainment business. The event aims to cultivate itself as the light, sound and DJ industry’s best-attended, a most successful trade show that brings a strong blend of high-end technology and innovation offering its exhibitors or customers a reputable platform in this field of entertainment. Punjab Expo 2016 is determined to create a great synergy between the brand representatives and trade/end-users, the key users that bring business.
5 CORE will exhibit its wide range of products in four specified section such as DJ series Section (DJ mixers, Power mixers, CA amplifiers, etc.), Home Theatre Section displaying home theatres, Car Series (Car woofers, Car Speakers, etc.), PA section (Megaphones, Gypsy Horns, Trumpet Horns, etc.). Come and experience live demo of our products at Punjab Expo. 5 CORE’s 5C Podium 01, 5C PDJ TFT 23 and FR 33330 AL CAP (33” India’s biggest Full Range Speaker) will be few among the highlighted products at Expo.
Light, Sound, DJ aims to spread awareness and built a passage between exhibitors and high-end users of the same industry in Punjab. By bringing the national and international brands to users, we aim to diminish the misconceptions, lack of knowledge regarding the products and brands in the local dealers or sellers. Punjab Expo 2016 in Jalandhar brings you close to the market segments that cater to this business world. Come explore the potential offered by this platform!


Pro Sound & Light, Africa, 2016

From Mixers to Speakers, Amplifiers to Conference Microphones and Megaphones to Bass Tubes, 5 CORE recently participated and exhibited its eclectic range of PA equipment and system in one of the splendid events, Pro Sound & Light, Johannesburg, Africa from 5th August-7th August 2016.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-06 at 2.59.19 PM

Pro Sound and Light, Africa is an annual event catering to the Light, Sound, Musical instrument and stage technology industry and its entrepreneurs. It focuses on building a synergy between the exhibitors across the world and local audience and aims to bring awareness as well as better correspondence among them. It is a multilateral hub of entrepreneurs taking forward the success of entertainment industry.

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Receiving well-acclaimed visitors and audiences from the audio industry, 5 CORE successfully partook in the exhibition showcasing its wide variety at par.

WhatsApp Image 2016-08-06 at 2.59.27 PM WhatsApp Image 2016-08-06 at 2.59.28 PM (1) WhatsApp Image 2016-08-06 at 2.59.29 PM