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Perfection is at home!

While you ponder upon the best entertainment system to complement your high- definition TV, we contemplate the basic question as raised and quite often neglected by most of us before buying a Home Theater Speaker System. Here’s one of the crucial things you need to know before bringing the theatrical experience to your house.



Given the circumstances, we all know that a home theater speaker system is often defined by the no. of sound channels it holds. These channels are often numbered as 2.1, 4.1, 5.1, and even 7.1. The first digit refers to the number of speakers and the digit after the decimal refers to the subwoofer. Thus, a 4.1 channel Home theater system would mean home theater speaker system comprising 4 speakers and a subwoofer.




Mustering our fascinating home theater speaker systems, 5 CORE lets you relax with the euphony while your eyes don’t budge from the TV and engage in watching as much as it does at the Cinema house. Surround yourself with a theatrical experience and pop up some corns to watch a premier at home this time. Be it as it may, but watching movies at the cinema has never been as relaxing as the home cinema experience.

Check our wide range of Home Theater Speaker Systems to suit the vicinity of your house, apt and adjustable to your environment producing soothing or convulsive sound whatever the need be.


5CORE Made Presence in Palm Technology

5CORE featured in Palm Technology Expo Publications as one of the biggest manufacturers and exporters of PA and Audio equipment. It has been successful in providing innovative solutions through professional excellence, system integrations of robust and well-built products imbibed with new technologies that made them achieve its present-day remarkable identity in the world market.




India Celebrates Guru Nanak Jayanti!

On the birth of First Sikh Guru, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, let us come together and appreciate his unfailing beliefs of peace, love, and brotherhood prevalent across the globe.whatsapp-image-2016-11-14-at-2-20-13-pm

Sikhs all across India have the most generous and pious way to celebrate their faith in humanity. On the observance of the most sacred festival of Sikhism, Sikhs commemorate Guru’s beliefs with processions carrying the “Nishan Sahib,” or Sikh flag and serving ‘Guru ka Langar’ displaying the cultural norms.

The staunch to emphasize the spiritual fulfillment open to everyone through strong moral values, ‘niswarth sewa’ and recitation of religious and historical lectures to honor the Guru Nanak Dev Ji marks upon this pious festival.

5CORE on this special occasion hopes that the teaching of the Guru reflects the goodness and compassion, the radiance of happiness and prosperity in your lives.

Come, celebrate Guru Nanak Jayanti, and spread humanity.

5 CORE’s participation in ESC Delegation to Namibia & Botswana


India-Namibia Chamber Of Commerce & Industry from 6th-8th Nov 2016, Namibia

Both the embassies in Namibia and Botswana have mutually decided to engage and enthusiastically look forward to meeting the delegates and Indian ICT Companies due to the overwhelming response the latter is receiving in the markets. In order to strengthen the business alliances with both the countries, 5 CORE attended the delegation meet at Namibia and Botswana between 6th to 9th November, 2016.



The first event of India-Namibia Chamber Of Commerce & Industry was held in Namibia from 6th-8th Nov 2016. The event was visited by Indian ICT Companies delegation to meet and collaborate, associate well with Namibian as well as Botswana ICT companies. It was attended by Indian Ambassador to Namibia, Hon.Kumar Tuhin, Deputy Minister of ICT of Namibia, Hon.Simataa Mutumba Stanley, Ambassador of Namibia to India, Hon.Pius Dunaiski and Indian High Commissioner, Mr. Ketan Shukla. A fifteen member Indian ICT delegation from the Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council of India (ESC) visited Namibia on 7th Nov 2016 and Botswana on 9th Nov 2016 during the event to explore business alliances. More than 40 business persons from Namibia, as well as Botswana, participated in the business meeting alongside representatives from the leading ICT/Electronics companies, Banks, Media, Universities, etc.


Mr. Ineet Singh Kalra with Indian High Commisioner in Namibia @ his residence


Mr. Ineet Singh Kalra with Indian High Commissioner in Botswana @ his residence











Five Core Electronics Ltd., being the leading manufacturers & exporters of PA Equipment in India became one of Indian ICT Companies to attend this international event. With an agenda to meet and collaborate, associate well with Namibian and Botswana ICT companies Mr. Ineet Singh Kalra headed the brand 5CORE at India-Namibia Chamber Of Commerce & Industry. The event brought the core value of the organizations to the front through the mutual co-operation of the INCCI and Indian High Commission.

Startling WM -4102 at Polgahawela Horizon Concert, Dubai


Polgahawela Horizon Concert at Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai, UAE

5CORE’s Wireless Microphones are efficiently designed to enhance your surroundings. Sing out loud with 5CORE’s WM – 4102, the only wireless microphone with Ultra-High Frequency and make audience groove to the rhythm of your voice.


Music Concert on 13th August 2016

Ascertaining the quality, 5CORE’s WM-4102(ND, UHF) gave a remarkable live experience of its heartfelt output as Polgahawela Horizon, Number One Music Band of Sri Lanka and winners of ITN RANTHARU, staged themselves singing aloud with WM – 4102 to the audience on 13th August 2016 at Al Nasr Leisureland, Dubai, UAE.


Grooving to the rhythm!

Efficiently designed to suit all small to large events, this pure piece of mastery comes with compatible receiver and Infrared automatic channel targeting and system locking function that makes the wireless operation all easy-go-lucky.

Give yourself a treat by browsing through our wide range of wireless microphones and choosing the best way to complement your voice.