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Singing your way through Ankarana café, Antsiranana/Deigo!

What’s better than a karaoke day and night fun! In fact, a night-out is incomplete without some good fun with friends and family and how can you have fun without music being a huge part of it. Find full surround sound effect banging the walls and corners of the café with incredible 5CORE PA system installed in it.

Be in accord with the popular songs and sing at the peak of your voice at this Ankarana café, Antsiranana/Deigo, Madagascar with 5 CORE’s Speakers, Microphones, Plastic Columns, and accessories being integrated inside it! Grab the mic and belt out your musical talent at this Karaoke Lounge and Café.

5CORE at SRI MAHAGANPATHI Lighting & Sounding Association’s Celebrations

5CORE’s distributor at Andhra Pradesh participated in yet another exhibition at Kaviti Andhra Pradesh organized by Sri Mahaganpathi Lighting & Sounding Association on the occasion of its 6th Anniversary Celebrations.

A wide range of Public Addressing Systems was on display at Kaviti, Andhra Pradesh that attracted a lot of visitors as well on this one-day-long event.

5CORE at GDLSOA’s 3rd Annual Function & Mega Blood Camp in Orissa

Ganjam District Light & Sound Owner’s Association’s 3rd Annual Function & Mega Blood Camp

5CORE’s distributor participated and exhibited in the Ganjam District Light & Sound Owner’s Association’s 3rd Annual Function & Mega Blood Camp in Orissa on 21st December 2016. The distributor displayed a wide range of Column Speakers, Power Amplifiers, Mixers, Microphones, Tabla Microphones and Column Stands, Reflex Horns among a lot of other varieties from 5CORE’s huge assortment.

5CORE at Display

With a Ganjam District Light & Sound Owner’s Association holding up 3rd Annual Function & Mega Blood Camp, 5CORE became the only brand to display its products. A heavy footfall, a philanthropic approach and a display of sound systems became few highlights of this event.

Footfall at 5CORE Stall



Audio Integration at Damdama Sahib Gurdwara

”Cause’ 5CORE knows how to serve religious needs”

Gurdwara as the name stands “Guru ka dwaar” where each seeker resorts to find peace and motivation, dedication and moral values, the “kirtans” echoing across the corners of the ‘darbar’ descending upon the ears stabilizing the minds and bringing consciousness to the fore.

Damdama Sahib Gurdwara

Articulating religious beliefs with audio, 5CORE’s system integration team installed its audio solutions at Damdama Sahib Gurdwara to merge faith with propagation and education with proper engagement.

Among the assorted range of Public Addressing Equipment being integrated at Damdama Sahib Gurdwara, there exist four 12″ plastic passive columns, a CS 4000 Power Amplifier, two Curve Tower
four Omni-Directional Microphone – A-54 plus four Long Microphone stands, a Short Microphone Stand and 8 channel mixer -CT-80s.

5CORE Gleams High in Sri Lankan Newspapers!


As over the years, 5CORE has not only managed to establish its presence across the world, instead, it has seized a place in Sri Lankan Newspapers throughout the year 2016. While it has been called an “unfading name” in the Colombo Edition of Sunday Observer, Ceylon Today reasoned its prominence to the ready availability of products in the Sri Lankan market at modest and affordable prices.

It is a headlong journey from making Headlines of 5CORE sound systems in Lankan market to 5CORE sound systems make a steady progress in Sri Lanka in few of the prominent Sri Lankan Newspapers such as Ceylon Today, Maubima, Sunday Observer, Lanka Business News, Sunday Thinakkural, Lankadeepa, Virakesari, Daily news and Daily Mirror across a year.