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Audio Solutions Integrated at ESC Boardroom!

Executing its adeptness in providing industry-standard sound solutions toning the expectations of clients, 5 CORE System Integration team updated Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council’s Head office’s Boardroom with its latest technology.

Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council (ESC), sponsored by the Government of India is India’s largest Electronics and IT trade facilitation organization. The ESC head office is located at Okhla Phase-3, New Delhi, India.

Optimum audio solutions were a prerequisite for the conferencing needs of ESC. Hence, 5 CORE integrated the boardroom of their head office with Wireless Conference System including Eight  Delegate Units, One  Chairman Unit, Six Ceiling Speakers – 5C-CL–6.5-02, and an Echo Amplifier 5C AMP 100W E for the premium conferencing applications.



What exactly is this Conference System?

The wireless conference system is high-tech built and hassle-free cable operation. The units can be freely moved within an exceptionally good signal coverage range. There are several speech modes and video tracking function in this digital wireless video conference system. The product has automatic interference detection function to avoid interference signal. With three meeting modes, real-time video tracking function and automatic frequency tracking function, this product is apt to serve all the banking conferencing needs!


Ceiling Speaker


Echo Amplifier

Car Calling System Integration at Hotel Madin, Varanasi

If you ever plan on visiting the spiritual capital of India, the oldest continuously inhabited city, the holiest place of all, Banaras aka Benares aka Kashi aka Varanasi, try staying at the luxurious and spectacular Hotel Madin with almost as many modern amenities intact and firmly established as any metropolitan city. It is situated in the hub of the finest and highly-rated hotels at the Mall Road, Varanasi Cantt. in Varanasi.

5 CORE upgraded this beautifully sound place with its technology and provided it furnished hassle-free parking utilities. It recently integrated the 4-Star-Hotel Madin with Car Calling System alongside an Emergency Evacuation System. The Integration of Car Calling System was carried out at Porch and Parking Areas for ease of parking and un-parking access. The system is a combination of 15 pieces of Gypsy Horns – SUH-300XT, Amplifier – 5C AMP 250W DLX and a Gooseneck Microphone – MM-03B with Volume Controller. This System would also work as an Automatic Announcement System in case of Emergency Evacuation requirement.



What is a Car Calling System?

Don’t you hate it when you have to wait for your car in front of the hotel lobby while the valet or your driver brings it out for you? Well, Car Calling System makes it all easier. The efficacy of the system lies in the hassle-free functioning of the parking facilities. The Car arrives just a tad earlier than before. As the name suggests The Car Calling System is an easier and time-saving system to get your car out of parking!



Active Line Array – 5CORE’s Newest Addition!

As fascinating the line array seems dangling in the open air, as is the sound beaming the ground with its powerful output compelling you to gaze at the sky with awe. Having a powerful line array means showcasing the sound at its greatest note.

5CORE launched its ever-first coherent and ravishing, newest addition to the family, “Active Line Array” with its plug and play convenience, easy to install structure and ravishing stentorian sound output that makes it felicitous enough for various applications at large stadiums and live PA events.

Having 2 in 4 out DSP controllers, 3-channel Digital Power Amplifier with a power output of 1x600W+2x450W @ 8ohm, 1×10-inch speaker and 1×2-inch compression driver with RMS power handling of 350W, this Active line array is niftily-structured in a fashionable, trendsetting manner as per the user’s suitability. Despite its weight, this is easily portable as it is teamed up with newfangled technology which makes it one compact package to grab on.

Equipped with two horn-loaded Mid-Hi Speakers and an 18” Active Subwoofer, this Active Line Array can provide a robust output serving a professional need. The active subwoofer is furnished with inbuilt digital power amplifier housed in the multi-functional cover that lets you pack this fascinating piece of art in good-to-go wheel cart.

Installation at Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurdwara in Kampala, Uganda

5 CORE’s worldwide presence left another benchmark at Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara in Nakaseru market, Kampala, Uganda. Integrating the place with 5 CORE public addressing system such as Column Speakers, Amplifiers, Gooseneck Meeting Microphones, Wired Microphones, Microphone Stands, etc., it paid a tribute in its own way.

To impart the essence of Gurbani across the international boundaries, to reminisce Guru and his thoughts through “kirtan” and to intensify the faith in truth and peace, Siri Guru Singh Sabha Gurudwara in Kampala, Uganda have let 5CORE integrate it with supreme acoustics.

Come visit this religious place and feel the religious aura while you submerge yourself in long-sought peace and escape from the day-to-day life struggle.