5core electronics voted in top 10 speaker brands in the world

Every brand needs loyal customers and we were happy to know that we had plenty. Recently ranker.com had taken a poll among its users. Out of the top 100 different speaker brands in the world, 5CORE was the only Indian brand, with the help of our global presence and positive overview of users to make it in top 10.
5CORE top speaker brand in India

5CORE top speaker brand

we were able to rank 7 out of top 100 speaker brands in the world.

With its ambient portable, lightweight speakers and their crystal clear sound 5CORE is spreading music in 56 countries around the world.
The State-of-the-art audio technology used in home theaters delivers authentic sound that you can hear throughout the whole room. The inverted speaker boasts deep bass frequencies and a built-in 450mm woofer.
its Bluetooth speakers are always ready to provide great sound quality in the compact size. supreme quality car speakers are available in the unparallel budget.
Our wall and ceiling speakers are first preference of Architects and our podiums are used by most prominent world leaders around the world.
All in all, this resulted in happy customers and we not only became the only Indian brand to reach in top 50 but we reached in Top 7 speaker brands in the world and we were. Once again we would like to thank and appreciate our customers again.