Audio Franchise Opportunities in India

Audio Franchise Opportunities in India

Being a successful franchise could be tiresome pertaining to the allocations required before and after entering into a business relationship. While it’s even tougher to set up a business in India, it’s toughest to gain an outcome.  Moreover being a franchise of one company might not pay you what you expect. Therefore, 5 CORE offers you an opportunity to be a part of our company and step into our business world with our full support. Enroll yourself as the franchise of the world’s best audio equipment company.

Be a Franchise of 5 CORE

5 CORE is the worldwide established audio equipment manufacturer and exporters. After its inception, it has expanded to more than 55 countries of the world. Being our franchise will enable you to earn, expose and profit in the business world.

 Profits earned by Franchisees

Brand Name – 5 CORE has been a successful brand name in India and many other countries. Our franchisees will earn respect from their customers and could establish their own business identity through our products.

Quality – Our products are known for its quality. Enabling yourself as our part would grant you the access to quality-stricken audio equipment. This would, on the other hand, increase your renown.

Profit margins- There are high-profit margins fixed for our franchise. We offer excellent commission along with promotional events to make sure that the business always has favorable outcomes.

Variety of goods:  We furnish a vast range of 1100+ products under one roof including amplifiers, loudspeakers, reflex horns, car speakers, home theaters, stand, driver units, twitters, woofers to cater to your targeted dealers.

Free Services – Any electronic item is liable to a manufacturing error, 5 Core provides free replacement and repairing of the products.

Expansion – Our franchisee is allowed to expand in various business ventures. We work on free-policies meant for the benefit of our franchise.

Business Promotion – Our Company is apt on providing free pre-hand promotional value. We offer our help in the promotion of your franchise operation and provide the after-sales service, advertisement support, sales support and training and development in the execution of promotion.

Work in varied fields – Our Company would help you raise your customers by pushing your business to varied fields to suit the needs of the customers.

Thus, while the franchisees are equipped to use our company’s name and logo to extend their business, they are allocated full support and consultation in order to use it to their benefit. 5 Core is a well-established company that offers a scope of growth to its franchisees too.



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