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Tabla Mics Where Technology Meets Tradition

Tabla is one of the most famous Indian instruments that is used as an accompaniment to many classical music instruments. It was invented by one of the most iconic Indian musicians and sufi poets, Amir Khusro in the 13th century. Being one of the oldest classical music instruments, tabla has undergone many changes in its design since its invention. In this rapidly accelerating technological world and changing tastes and demands of the audience, tabla has been recognized and accepted globally, many known artists have started integrating tabla with electronic hip hop, western classical and world class music.

Being a drum-like instrument, there are two tabla drums that are used to create music. The smaller drum is known as dayan while the larger drum is known as bayan. The larger drum, Bayan is made up of metal and the smaller drum is made up of wood. Tabla is played using palms and fingers that produces diverse sounds at different pitches which creates amazing effects on various music compositions. One of the main challenges that various tabla players face is that it is a relatively a quiet musical instrument, and so it has to be kept closer to the mic to get the right amount of sound.

Five Core being a global brand for Public addressing equipment has recently launched its premium range of Tabla Mics that can be used for recording tabla music and brings out the best quality of sound. Tabla mics is an innovation that has helped many renowned tabla players across the globe, get natural sound without feedback or unwanted sounds. Also, these mics come with a stand that helps in placing the mic closer to the instrument. One of the known percussionists, Hiten Panwar has been using the Five Core Tabla Mics since its launch for his various jam-packed performances. Imbibed with the latest technology, these mics have also been reviewed by one of the most well-known tabla players and an upcoming musician, “The Tabla Guy” who’s not only using these mics for his soulful performances but also recommends them to all the upcoming tabla players.

Hiten Panwar

With the launch of these revolutionary mics that are packed with advanced microphone technology, Five Core has been aiming to bring revolution in the public addressing equipment sector through their innovative products that bring tradition at par with the advancing technology.

Want a personal Discotheque at your home?

Finding a club with a good DJ can be a real struggle. Some of the most popular clubs in town-might not always play music according to your own choice, then why ruin our party nights? It’s time to forget the mainstream, boring club nights and throw an uber-cool disco party at home.

Although, throwing an enthralling & fun party at home is not an easy task, but Five Core electronics has made this task a cake walk for all of us. Here’s a list of things that you need to set up your own disco & throw an electrifying party at home (other than food & drinks!)

Personal Discotheque

  1.  Well-chosen DJ Mixer –
    When we think of a fun disco night, the first thing that pops up in our mind is mixed
    tracks being played. And, so finding a good DJ Mixer is one of the most important tasks. A well-chosen DJ mixer would help you create some great tracks right from scratch. You can create new effects, add more sounds and mash-up beats with a good DJ-Mixer. This is basically where the essence of your party lies. One of the best ways to get your hands on one of the best DJ mixers is through Five Core Electronics. They offer some of the highest performing, portable & easy to use DJ Mixers.
  2. Build your own playlist –
    A good playlist is another important part of your party, this would actually charge up your party. Create a huge and sprawling playlist of tunes that you and your friends would love. Then, sort those songs that won’t hamper the flow of your party and would keep your friends enjoying at every moment.
  3. DJ Lights –
    Your party is literally incomplete without a good set of DJ Lights. You can easily find a good set of lighting systems online. These lights would actually keep your party mood on till the end of your party. You can also sync up your lights to change uniformly at the same time.
  4. A set of Speakers
    Besides DJ Mixers, lights & playlists, Speakers should also be on your priority list, While organizing a disco party at home. A good set of speakers is the best and the easiest way
    to pump up the fun at your party. Although you can find many speakers in the market, Five Core Electronics offers some of the best & the widest range of speakers. Starting from Bluetooth speakers to headphones and home theater systems, they’ve got some of the best speaker systems on the list.
  5. A Microphone –
    This one’s actually for large venues, if you’re planning to organize a party in an open space or large venue, you need a microphone so as to make yourself heard. It’s better to go for wireless microphones so as to avoid the hassle of wires. You can easily get your hands on high output, cartridge-based wireless microphones at Five Core Electronics.

Five Core Electronics Limited sets an example of good corporate governance

Five Core Electronics Ltd, listed on Nse emerge platform, sets an example of good corporate governance by declaring it’s quarterly financial results. The company’s Revenue has increased by approx 21% and profit has increased approx by 50% in this quarter. Many news channels including CNBC Awaaz has appreciated Five Core Electronics Limited for the bold move.

Five Core Electronics Showroom opened at Jamshedpur

New exclusive Five core Electronics Showroom was opened in Jharkhand. This showroom is opened with 5core distributor Record Electronics in Jamshedpur city. At this showroom, you can exclusively buy 5CORE  Microphones, Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Conference systems, Megaphones, Horns, Bass Tubes, Tweeters, Home Theaters, Car Speakers, Wall and Ceiling Speakers.

new PA system showroom in Jharkhand

new showroom in Jharkhand

Five Core Booth becomes center of attraction at Palm Expo 2018

Five Core Electronics has always occupied a unique space in top-notch AV Exhibitions around the globe. In PalmExpo2018 🌴 our stall was again the center of attraction because of its well-designed, sturdy, rugged and next-generation products. Our high-quality Microphones, Speakers, Amplifiers, Mixers, Conference systems, Megaphones, Horns, Bass Tubes, Tweeters, Home Theaters, Car Speakers, Wall and Ceiling Speakers were center of attraction of crowd at Palm Expo.