India’s Fastest Growing Company – 5 CORE


In recent years, India’s Electronic Industry has touched a peak where the market of electronics and electrical gadgets, PA equipment, audio to video products has accumulated an unmatchable demand. While there are variable options available at disposal, there are very few choices that are user-satisfied. 5 CORE is one such as India’s fastest growing company that not only caters to the needs of “techno freaks” who would not fall for products easily but also to the users who simply look for user-friendly equipment.

5 CORE is a manufacturer and exporter of electronic gadgets which directly address to the public demand. The fundamental element that lies in impressing its audience is the quality-proven products and the worldwide market that 5 CORE has generated since its inception as merely an electronics dealer. It grew to become a renowned manufacturer of electronics to almost 55 countries in 5 Continents with a motive to expand it further to the rest of the world.

5 CORE’s main area of market is in three segments:

Public Address Equipment: 5 CORE has been manufacturing commendable Public Address (PA) equipment which gratifies the needs of the user as well as controller. PA systems majorly include Microphones, Loudspeakers and Amplifiers that are used to address public by an individual or a group/institution. For Example, Public Address Equipment used in MahaKumbh Mela, Ujjain 2016 is provided by 5 CORE solely.

Home Theatre Systems & Computer Speakers: 5 CORE imbibes the latest technology in its Home Theatre Systems & Computer Speakers. Home Theatre Systems & Computer Speakers are amongst the basic requirements of public. These are required to enhance user-experience. While 5 CORE includes quality in serving its customers, it enables the users to find quality at an affordable rate.

Car Music Systems: 5 CORE provides the best car music systems across the globe. Music Systems are essential to any automobile. Car manufacturers are providing their customers with high-performance pre-installed music systems in their cars such as stereo systems, woofers, speakers and amplifiers. 5 CORE is amongst the finest brand to offer high-quality products at reasonable prices.

Thus, 5 CORE in its business span of 31 years from its inception has accumulated exceptional growth and revenue that register it in the list of India’s fastest growing companies. It has been serving market at creditable rate and has been able to expand its business all over the world. It is one of the largest contributors in expanding India’s economy worldwide. It reinforces the “MAKE IN INDIA” initiative by Indian Government to encourage manufacture and export of domestic products throughout the world.


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