What would the world be like if PA Equipment didn’t exist?

‘Lucky as we are’

Have you ever thought what the world would be like if Public Addressing Systems didn’t exist especially in the world like today where every other event needs a Public Addressing System like microphone, speaker and what not?! While I find it utterly impossible to live in a world where having a PA Equipment at disposal is as illusory as having a corruption-free world today, I felt caught up in a reverie of few other things that possibly would have happened in a world like that.

I thought what people had opted as options to address other people; the only rescue would have been posters or face to face communication. Ever thought how easy things have become with the help of a speaker that render the organizers to manage things peacefully, for example, announcements of lost and found property, including people for that matter in a fair. What had happened in a world with no PA Equipment? While I leave you to ponder over the possibilities, I want to raise other questions or illusions.

Imagine a fashion show hosted without a microphone

Imagine a fashion show hosted without a microphone to address the crowd and participants. The results have also been decided on the basis of ‘who has let their voices heard.’ The participants would also have rehearsed ‘talking loud’ rather just preparing the speech.

Metro announcement system been without PA Equipment

Again, what had Metro announcement system been without PA Equipment? As impossible as it seems to think, the difficult it had really been to de-board at the desired stations and to wait for the trains to arrive without any prior announcements.

Think about all the other places that had lost its charm if PA Systems didn’t exist. While I had never felt so afraid to be placed in such a non-existing world, I had also not thought how important PA Equipment are to our lives, especially in a world where PA systems have a vital role to play in the planning of a successful event. Keep thinking of more possibilities as the more we give it a thought, the luckier we find ourselves to be not in such a world!



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